Art Of Picking Quality Stocks For Women Beginners Program Details

Break The Stereotype: ‘Women Can’t Invest! It’s a myth – and you probably know it, already! Women from all walks of life have learned the basics from us. Home makers, entrepreneurs, business owners, women in jobs – all have learned, practiced and made money with our hands on program. You do NOT need a degree in rocket science!

In this program, you get:

1. A Stocks Portfolio of 7 Shares Identified By You
2. A Step-by-Step method to examine the truth about companies and their stock offerings
3. Confidence to Talk About Stocks, Companies & The Market
4. Access to a dynamic learning, doing and sharing community of women stock investors
2.5 month program
10 weekly sessions
Approx 1 hours each
Plus, community support

Session-by-session information

We lay the fundamentals of stock investing, and get you started on the process of identifying stocks which can make you money in the stock market.
We help you learn how to judge the financial performance of the stocks you’ve selected by calculating important financial ratios

Takeaways from Sessions

1. Learn the process of picking worthy stocks, which would
-fall the least during bad times, and
-appreciate well in value over a period of time.
2. How To Read Annual Reports – What They’re Really Saying and What to Look For.
3. Learn about the important financial ratios which help you further select the best quality stocks in the market
4. An Excel Sheet structure is shared so that you don’t have to worry about calculations. Made easy for you! Your job is to just insert the data of your selected stocks, and it will give you all the information on ratios.
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