WOW Money Gym Program

In this program, women reach their financial goals – even some that looked impossible to reach! They create wealth, experience freedom – and, peace of mind. So can you! Participant videos here!

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Women On Wealth Community

Never struggle alone with financial issues again. Ask for support and contribute your own special skills in our women-centric community. Money is integrated with almost every aspect of our lives and we have monthly expert meets on a variety of wealth-related topics.

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The Art of Picking Quality Stocks for Beginners

It’s a myth that women can’t invest – and you know it! Home makers, entrepreneurs, business owners, women in jobs – all have learned, practiced and started their journey with our hands-on program.

Go beyond savings and begin to create wealth.

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Learn More Tax Planning Strategies Deepa

Income Tax Planning & Tax Saving Strategies Program

Be A New Indian Nari – Learn Income Tax Planning & Tax Saving Strategies!

In this session, you will learn:

1. Different ways to save income tax 2. Where you need to invest to save tax 3. Calculate your own income tax Learn more

Since 2011

One Consistent Wealth Creation Training Experience

Have you ever noticed – some people just have a way with money, while others just struggle, even when they have adequate incomes?

The difference is in mindset and training.

Financial security and wealth creation are not taught as skills in schools and colleges, or even at home. Instead, most people rely on tips, newspaper articles, peer group opinions, bank relationship managers and more. But if this ad hoc method could bring wealth and security – wouldn’t everyone be prosperous?

Women On Wealth offers training programs in habits, skills and tools that are critical for financial success. These programs have been delivered successfully to women from all walks of life, in groups, individual sessions, on line, in India and outside, too. We build women’s abilities to create wealth in the following ways Women On Wealth Events and Short Coursesfree and paid events every month WOW Money Gym – A result producing wealth creation methodology Women Investors NetworkHow To Pick Quality Stocks for Women Beginners WOW Business Skills for Women – Business planning skills for women For details, timings and queries, please WhatsApp 9818540023, 0r email Women On Wealth, India Partners with The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women Women On Wealth Programs & Activities

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