Money Gym - our anchor program

New Money Gym Basic Women On Wealth

Key Outcomes

  • Build a Vision for Yourself
  • How to stop living from pay check to pay check
  • Save 25% more than you ever did
  • Identify your Goals and Cover the Gap: Building A Road Map
  • Build Your Investment Portfolio
  • Become debt-free FASTER
  • Build Financial Awareness For a Strong Financial Foundation
  • Know where your money is going - Tracking Time & Money
  • Build Financial Integrity - doing what you need to do
  • Balance Between Immediate Gratification & Goals
  • Organise your finances in your personal & business life
  • Join a community of women wealth creators



Section 1

  • Vision and Financial Goals
  • Future Value of Financial Goals
  • Money In & Money Out

Section 2

  • Financial Security & its Pillars
  • Guide for Term Life Insurance Selection

Section 3

  • Net Worth Sheet - How to Create Wealth
  • Property and Property Loan
  • Fund allocation for now and post-retirement
  • How to generate regular income
  • Wealth Creation Formula

Section 4

  • Financial Planning
  • Rule of Thumb - 72
  • Investment Options

Section 5

  • Mutual Funds Selection: Step-by-Step Method
  • Best Fund Managers and their Investment Strategies
  • Drivers to Exit a fund

Section 6

  • Monthly Tabulation & Wall Chart
  • Real Hourly Rate
  • Building a balance between Immediate Gratification & Goals

How It will be done

Self-Paced Video lessons 

Access to detailed worksheets for hands-on practice

Live Mentor-Led Q&A Session

Live Implementation Practice Session

Chat support

Graduate Community Monthly Meet-up (Online)


The Art of Picking Quality Stocks for Beginners


New Quality Stocks Graphic Women On Wealth

The outcome of the course: by the end of the course you will be trained to select and buy shares of companies shortlisted through your study. 


Topics covered:

  1. Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis of companies
  2. Read Financial statements of companies
  3. Management Discussion - Company & Sector Analysis
  4. How to read Annual Reports
  5. Cash is King - Cash flow Analysis
  6. Leverage ratios
  7. Profitability Ratios
  8. Operating Ratios
  9. Valuation Ratios
  10. Understand important financial terminology 
  11. Shortlist stocks & Start Investing 


How It Works:

* 6 video recordings for you to watch, learn & implement 

* 4 LIVE Group coaching sessions - interact with the mentor, bring your questions, stay on track with your actions.

  • 3 LIVE Implementation session - practice with your peers

* Ready to use worksheet for company analysis

* Unlimited access to the video recordings


About the Stock Investors' Graduate Community:

  1. Upon successful completion, get a FULL Year Access to Community / Inner Circle Monthly Meets
  2. Get access to Community built Resource library - It houses in-depth Studies of sectors like FMCG, IT, Banking & Finance, Pharma etc 
  3. 40+ Company studies done by the community for building your stocks portfolio
  4. Participate in the ongoing company and sector studies with the community