For Successful Investments – First Invest In Yourself!

Is it enough to simply follow the advice of other people and put your hard earned money in investments that you know nothing about? Or, to pick up information randomly from news articles and word-of-mouth and risk your savings?

Clinical Hypnotherapist and mother, Payel Chetri had second thoughts about handing over money based on a plan by other sources.

She wanted to know more mutual funds, stocks, and other financial instruments and learn how to make informed financial decisions.

She said, “I should know where my money goes and what is happening with it. My biggest challenge was handling my money and planning for our future.”

That’s when she made the decision to join the Money Gym program.

Here is what she accomplished by being in the Money Gym program:

1. “I understand the step-by-step methodology to pick good mutual funds. I practiced them, and have started investing in one fund with my own study and understanding, and without depending on my husband, father, or broker.

2. “I have built my emergency fund. Honestly, I didn’t even know this had to be built. I never ever thought about it.

3. “I have created my own financial plan and have done my retirement planning. I now understand where I need to invest and how much I need to have a comfortable retirement.

4. “I have increased my investments. Not only that, I’m guiding my husband on how to invest wisely. The best part is that he listens and we have interesting and meaningful conversations about our future.

“The Money Gym program has helped me become patient, confident and to build knowledge and become a smart and well informed investor.

“I know that I need to continue to be a part of the Women On Wealth community and be an intelligent investor,” says Payel.

If you’re curious to see what it takes to be successful with money, there’s an easy way to find out. Like Payel, come in for a free online introduction and see for yourself!  WhatsApp 9818540023.