I Am My Mother’s Daughter: Sheetal Gurung

“Growing up I always thought that I was my father’s daughter. It’s only recently I have begun to see what my mom’s quiet way of just being herself is teaching me.
“My mom had basic education and has been a homemaker all her life and so I never really went to her for any advice which is why when she was appointed the President of a local women’s group I was really nervous for her. I wondered if she was capable of fulfilling that role. But she? She took the opportunity and she gave her best. She didn’t doubt herself.

“Then there was that time when she sat on a plane for the first time and flew to Delhi to take care of her granddaughter. I wonder if she was terrified of getting on the plane and what we got to see was her rising to the need of the hour. And now? Now she is the tougher one physically, mentally and emotionally dealing with the lemons that life throws at her with grace, humility and a smile on her face.

“I am beginning to learn from her and be more like my mother’s daughter.”
~ Sheetal Gurung, WOW Money Gym Program Leader, Corporate Trainer, Marathoner, Run Kranti Crew Member.

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