6 Steps To Making Your Dreams A Reality

2 Hours

What's the craziest idea that you've ever had? The one that you'd love to do but don't know how to get started?

Share it in this highly engaging 2 hour program and get the steps that will take you to your destination- quickly!

Don't let your current circumstances or challenging past ever prevent you from living a remarkable future - this your your era, women!

Quick Start Steps for Business

2 Hours

Are you looking for a way to turn your passion into a business?

In just 2 hours, we'll outline how to do what you love to do AND get paid for it. If you've always wanted to know how to start your business, this program could set you on your way to a whole new life!

Declutter Your Way To Abundance

2 Hours

We’ve seen it again and again and the results always astonish us. When we declutter, the blocks to wealth creation are gone!

*Session Outline*
- Recognize clutter
- How did clutter enter my life
- How to recognize 'Enough' - key idea
- Show me how to declutter
- Surprise side-effects
- 7 Day Declutter Challenge!

You can start to end this cycle in the session

How To Travel Without A Financial Hangover

2 Hours

Love the thought of travel? But...dread the thought of coming back with a hole in your bank account?

Free Session: Sheetal Gurung shows you how to plan a trip to your dream destination without creating distressing financial after effects, in this program.

The session includes her carefully created worksheet that outlines a moneywise way to travel to a fully enjoyable holiday. And, she'll give it to you for free!

Join us for this session and listen to truly inspiring tales and stories.

Women: Why Create Wealth

2 Hours

What are some of the reasons why women create wealth?

- To build their own houses
- To build an emergency fund
- To have equal treatment and respect in their family
- To have easier money conversations with spouse
- To create money for their children's education

Do you have a reason to create wealth?

Join us for a free session to explore yours! 

Money Games: Cashflow

3 Hours

Money Game Night at Women On Wealth! Join us for the next Cashflow game. Aside from having a lot of fun, you could get an idea of how to: 

1. Get out of the Rat Race

2. Increase Your Financial IQ

3. Realize that taking investment risks is not so risky when you know what you're doing

WOW Business Planning RN

Fast Track Wealth Creation

Women On Wealth offers short powerful training session for women who are focused on starting a business, investing and other means of wealth creation.

These courses are based on thousands of hours of experience and practice. They require active participation in the sessions. Eligibility is based on willingness to train and a commitment to a fulfilling life!

We're Better Together! WOW Community

Around the world, it is accepted that people thrive when they work collectively. You've probably experienced the difference in your own in your circle of friends and family. At WOW, we work together and support each other in reaching our goals and dreams!

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Fast Track Yourself!

Ready to move ahead in developing your capability and confidence with money? Ask about our short courses here!