Successful Wealth Creation – A Solo Effort or A Community Enterprise?

Meet this vibrant 23 year old Women On Wealth community member who struggled alone with the obstacles to creating money for her dreams. She is a real go-getter. When she was told that there were no jobs for women in the company of her choice – she went straight to the boss , made her pitch and got the job. As a top earner in sales, she makes around 45k to 50k in salary and incentives.

Like many of us who tend to face their challenges alone, she faced difficulties with this way of working.

The High Cost Of Working On Your Problems Alone

While it is satisfying to accomplish goals all by ourselves, it is an expensive way. For one thing, it takes a lot longer and much more effort. And there are other costs, too:

– Loneliness
– Debt
– Living from pay check to pay check
– Thwarted dreams
– Self doubt
– Criticism from family and society for being interested in money and its management
– Loss of peace of mind, and more

Example: Success at Work, No Support at Home

Coming back to our Mumbai community member, at home, there were constant arguments about her choice to work and her interest in making money for her dreams.

For example, her mother demanded that she work in the kitchen for at least 3 hours a day. And when she countered with an offer to hire and pay for help, it was rejected.

And all this while, she struggled with managing her expenses and trying to figure out how to make money work for her.

Some questions that she wanted answers to were:

– Am I really money minded? Isn’t it ok to think about money, and make it and grow it for my future?
– Why is money a taboo topic to talk about? Isn’t money an integral part of our lives?
– Just because I don’t do housework and it’s not in my vision, am I not a family person? Why do I have to prove it by working on household chores?
– Isn’t it okay for me to focus my energies in doing the work that interests me, and hire a staff to do this household work?
– Is there no way out of this forced patriarchal challenge to my freedom?

The Turning Point: A Free Workshop That Changed Her Financial Destiny

By chance, she saw a Women On Wealth post on Facebook that ultimately altered her way of thinking about money, equipped her with the skills to make her money grow for her future – and brought her peace of mind. It was an invitation to a free workshop

Not Just a Program, it’s an Active Community of Women Wealth Creators

If you’ve ever tried to learn something on your own – for example Thai cooking, Excel, yoga,or even parenting you may have found yourself taking a long time to learn when you do it alone – and even giving up after the first few enthusiastic attempts.

That’s why  we do not just offer a series of wealth creation programs – our secret ingredient is the integration of a community as a part of the learning and doing process.

Our community meets are attended online by women from across the country and even from places abroad.

These are safe spaces for you to

– Say everything that you cannot say at home or with other people
– Give voice to difficulties in implementing program skills without fear of criticism or judgement
– Bounce your ideas off other women in the community
– Take and give support where required
– Grow and be supported in a community of like-minded women
– Engage in conversations with a wide variety of women from all walks of life
– Know that you are not alone!
– And, much more!

The 23 year old that we spoke about in our example above, is, today, a fully expressed voice in the Women On Wealth community. Through her active participation in the community, she has grown beyond what she thought she could as have others.

Two thoughts come to mind:

  1. Schools and colleges do not teach you how to manage money. They teach you just the concepts. It is in your best interests to learn everything you can about this vital element of life.
  2. Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.

Get started with a free introduction to our unique wealth creation training experience here. Over 4,000 women have!

Invitation to free Women On Wealth Program

Looking forward to seeing you online!

Also, some women have the skills to create wealth for their dreams singlehandedly. Admittedly, there aren’t many. If you’re one of them, do explore our community and perhaps you could contribute to our exciting community of wealth creators.