What Would India Look Like If Women Were Financially Free?

What would India look like if women were financially independent? We talk with women with vision at Ameriprise Financial.

What’s your vision for today’s women?
Ameriprise Financials made my day by inviting me to share a little about Women On Wealth and our vision for today’s savvy young women. The turn out was generous – around 68 women – each a champion in her roles at home and at work.

Financial Independence opens a world of opportunities for women.

I was so delighted that they’re starting to plan their financial destinies at just the right time.

The objective is to help them plan their financial destinies, to aim for financial independence, to have a say in their families financial decisions, and to have a voice in their communities.

Our methodologies move women close to these goals.

Many thanks to Indra Sood for introducing us to this company and to their visionary WIN team Shweta Khanna and Tanya for making this possible!

Critical conversations about money with women

We’re looking to impact 50 lakh women with our programs. If you think more companies can help us make a difference with critical financial education, would you let us know?