WOW Money Gym Program Details


Today, there are more women in workplaces than ever before in the history of India. Financial freedom beckons. The doors are open, but sometimes, stepping over the threshold into the wide unknown is a challenge. This is where we come in with result-producing support in this area with our workshops, webinars and one-on-one training. Our experience is that stepping out towards financial freedom and independence is a transformational act for women.

Lifetime Value

1. Build Your Financial Foundation
2. Financial Consciousness
3. Financial Intelligence
4. Financial Integrity
5. Financial Independent Thinking
6. Leading to Financial Independence/Freedom

Takeaways of the WOW Money Gym Program

1. Come out of living paycheck to paycheck
2. Be debt-free
3. Build a vision for yourself; get clarity on your financial goals
4. Be comfortable in asking for money & talking about it
5. Build an Investment Portfolio
6. Join a community of women wealth creators

6 Steps Program

Step 1 
Building A Vision For Yourself!
Step 2 
Covering the Gap: Building A Roadmap
Step 3 
Building Financial Awareness For Strong Financial Foundation
Step 4 
Where All My Money Is Going? Tracking My Time & Money
Step 5 
Building Financial Integrity: A Balance Between Immediate Gratification & Goals
Step 6 
Building Your Investment Portfolio & Securing Financial Independence

Power of the WOW Money Gym Program

The power of this program can be seen in the story about a woman in her mid-30s who attended our program. She was home baker. Married for 2 years. The couple together had accumulated a debt of Rs. 10 lakh and money conversations were difficult between them. They had also been living paycheck to paycheck and spending mostly on paying EMIs. Had no savings.
She paid off her entire debt within 20 months of doing the program
Built her emergency fund in the next 3 months
Her insurances and income tax are in place
And, her husband flipped and said you are the ‘finance minister’ of our house
Bought a piece of land in her hometown
Expanded her home-based business and started a cake counter on Golf Course Road in Gurgaon
Invests in the stock market. And, is now looking forward to buying her property in Delhi.
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