3 Books That Built My Financial Foundation

Priyanka Bhatia's Wealth Creation Book Library The moment I open a book, I get in the zone. I just look forward to it each time! I believe books are magical, authors are magicians, and readers are the creators who bring books to life. How about you? What do you read? I thoroughly enjoy reading books on leadership, money, and business. My 3 favorite topics are – leadership, money, and business. They are a significant part of what helped me grow up to who I am today. They helped me build my:
  1. Financial foundation
  2. Healthy money habits
  3. Investment strategies
  4. Leadership skills
  5. Comfort with experimenting
  6. Attitude of an entrepreneur
  7. Business knowledge
  8. Relationship with uncertainty, and
  9. More! Actually, the list is really long, so I’ll stop here!  🙂
Since I work primarily in the area of money, wealth, financial independence for women, I’ll share 3 books which I think are an absolute essential if you’re up to building your financial foundation.
  1. The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy This is ‘the’ book that helped me build the habits of a wealth creator. It is based on research, and talks about how people who create wealth are different from people who don’t. It actually made me think of the vast differences in money habits and financial styles of the two, and helped me make a choice. I distinctly remember the time, I said: “I want to be a wealth creator, no matter what”.
  1. The Richest Man in Babylon A classic that talks about 7 cures for a lean purse. It talks about how you could start fattening your purse, control your expenses, multiply what you have; increase your ability to earn more, in short, a must read! I know most of us look for immediate gratification and don’t like the thought of even controlling our expenses, but hey I want to share – as a wealth creator, I love being a minimalist. It’s fulfilling!
  1. Think and Grow Rich This book inspired me to use my imagination, articulate what I want and build my ability to think big. It gave me the ability to manifest what I want. I wanted a business, I built it. Then I wanted a mission, and that happened! Then I thought this mission was not possible without being a community, and then we made that happen. I thought of having an investment portfolio, I had that. Then I thought, I must have a property and I have that. My learning: whatever you can think, you can make happen. Challenge: think big!
There are women in our WOW community who thought big and made things happen. They became debt-free, came out of living paycheck to paycheck, started saving, built a corpus to expand their business, bought their first properties, built an investment portfolio, started investing in the stock market, and doubled their money. More than this, they
  1. Got involved in major financial decisions in their families
  2. Became finance ministers of their homes
  3. Became role models for generations to come, and
  4. #PushForProgress
Carry a little portable magic – a book – with you! You’ll always find one in my bag! Sometimes I steal time in the metro to read my book.  They could alter your financial destiny, too! Join in the conversation here or on our Facebook and Instagram pages! We are the tribe you’re looking for!

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  1. Oh yes they are the real magic. Though many books are my favorite as I am an avid reader but will share some of the best ones which transformed my life.

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