Gold, and What A 21st Century Lakshmi Would Do On Dhanteras

Most of us know that Dhanteras is the day for celebrating wealth – Dhan means wealth and Teras refers to the Dark Fortnight, or, 13th of Krishna Paksha. Traditionally, believers worship Lakshmi on this day, and the signature purchase is – Gold.

Now, the question for our modern day women wealth creators is – what form of gold should we buy in this modern age of electronics and digital shopping? What would be the choice of the goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity?

Before we examine the choices in front of us, let’s take a quick look at things that people mistakenly buy, instead of gold.

5 Things Not To Buy On Dhanteras

  1. Iron is a no-no. Bring nothing made of iron to your home on this day. Vishwakarma puja is a day for this incredibly versatile metal.
  2. Steel – ditto as above. Steel has iron in it. You could buy items made of bronze or copper as substitutes.
  3. Empty vessels. Fill these with water or fruit before taking them into the house.
  4. Sharp objects – give knives, scissors, and other sharp objects a miss on Dhanteras
  5. Cars or any new items on credit or EMIs. People buy these because Dhanteras is an auspicious day, but the tradition is that full payment is made on the day, so that you start with a clean slate.

And need we say anything about fake gold jewellery? (Not recommended if you want to be in Lakshmi’s good books!)

So, for some, these are customs have come down through generations and are meant to be followed, while for others these are age-old superstitions.

And now, in this 21s century, while we honor our great traditions, we also take full advantage of the most efficient ways to create wealth. Tradition says ‘Buy gold’ but what kind? There’s gold coins, gold bars, gold statues, gold jewellery, gold cutlery. None of these actually appreciate in a satisfactory way. Today’s wealth creating Lakshmis are demanding more.

One of the most highly touted forms of gold, today, is the Gold ETF.

Would Lakshmi consider this form as a good investment? Look at one simple fact below:

According to NSE, Gold ETFs offer a return of – 21%

Sounds pretty good, right? What could be better?

Check out Gold Bonds!

According to NSE, the returns on this investment are 31.2%!

Here’s a quick comparison chart for your reference

Which form of gold would you buy?

Happy shopping and Happy Dhanteras!

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