From Insecurity To Financial Confidence – A Stay-At-Home Mom’s Journey


Sometimes, it takes an unexpected event to reveal a gap in one’s ability to deal effectively with a critical area of life. It could be that a loved one is ill and one doesn’t know what to about it, so we go to a doctor. Maybe your car stops working, and then you call for a mechanic. And, what happens when you don’t have the financial confidence to manage money effectively? Who do you turn to? Funnily, the answer is that this is one area that you can learn to manage yourself! Dipti, a valued member of the Women On Wealth community, did just that. We treasure her commitment, resilience and willingness to learn. Here’s a little bit about her journey:

“When my father unexpectedly passed away I found myself lost. In all my adult life, I had hardly ever taken a financial decision – right from making big spends to financial investments without the guidance of my father. Even though my husband and I had a financial adviser, I was uncertain about what to do without the guidance of my father who always vetted my decisions. I knew that I needed to take charge of my money but I was unsure of how to do it.

“Another life changing event occurred soon after my father’s passing. I became a mother. From a working woman I became a stay-at-home mom. Despite the joy of motherhood there were insecurities – taking a break from work after 12 years. But my expenses weren’t taking a break! I needed a source of income without having to work. That’s when I came across Women On Wealth.

“On a conscious level, the program has helped me become financially aware and helped me understand how to make my money work for me. It’s given me a clear picture of where I stand, where I want to be and what I need to do to get there. On a subconscious level it has given me a fresh insight into my relationship with money.

“As a young woman professional, I always believed I was financially independent. But WOW changed my definition of “financial independence”. I realized in these 2 months that financial independence is not just about making your own money, but knowing what to do with that money and how to make it grow.

“With the Women On Wealth community, I continue to learn and make informed financial decisions.”

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