Legendary Investor Vijay Kedia Meets Women On Wealth

8 Takeaways from a Saturday morning investor meet

When you’re shopping for great clothes, you check with with your most stylish friends. If you’re hunting for high quality stocks to invest in, who do you check with? Naturally, the best investor in town!

Among star investors, Vijay Kedia’s name stands out, so naturally, when Bloomberg Quint announced an event that he would be at, a number of us attended – and, met the legend himself!

There were five of us from Women On Wealth in this 150 people event, and, he told us that he has addressed 1000 people events and has scarcely seen women attend. He asked if we had our own portfolios, and we said a resounding, ‘Yes!‘ We also told him about Women On Wealth programs and our community of women investors!

8 Takeaways from the investor event that can make you rich

1. Study, study and study: Nothing replaces study. Study the market, study the sector, study the industry. Research well .
2. Mindset: Mindset is very important for an investor. Understand your mindset before understanding the market. Risk taking ability, patience and knowledge are some of the key attributes that help one make money in stock investing.
3. Understand the people behind the company: Study the management of the company you are investing in. Look at how smartly they plan and execute (i.e., how do they react to changes in the environment, hungry to grow, and honest – have they fulfilled the promise they made 15 years back.
4. While identifying companies to invest, first identify the sector and then look at growth opportunities in the sector and if the sector is going to grow in the next 10 years.
5. Invest in companies that have been there for some time. Say 15 years because that tells a lot about the company. They would have gone through many ups and downs and their track record will give an idea about how the company has fared till now.
6. To create wealth from stock investment, don’t be focused on return – focus on the process and purpose. To create big money out of stock investing, you have to invest all your time. Little time will give you little returns.
7. To have a good and meaningful impact on your portfolio, increase your no of shares instead of no. of companies.
8. To distinguish between real information and noise – don’t invest if you don’t understand the company or their business. And if you do understand and have conviction, then go ahead and don’t fear losses but do our study well.

Vijay Kedia’s Investor Mantra

We said we’d let you know what this legendary investor’s guiding principle is – here it is:

Kedia strictly adheres to SMILE as a principle in investing; which translates into Small in size, Medium in experience, Large in aspiration and Extra-large in market potential.

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The world is changing – women are beginning to invest, too!

A startled head goes up when Khushali asks ace investor, Vijay Kedia, a follow up question.
The world is changing. Women are not ordinarily found in investment events – something about stocks investing being too complicated for women? Our world is changing.
Anyway, there were five of us from Women On Wealth in this 150 people event with one of the most successful investors in India. When we met later, he told us that he has addressed 1000 people events and has scarcely ever seen women attend. He asked us if we had our own portfolios and we said a resounding “Yes!” We also told him about Women On Wealth, our community and our programs!

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