Niki Singh: My Mother, My Role Model

Growing up in a remote village in UP Niki’s mother dreamed of being a teacher. This could have seemed far fetched – especially since none of the other women in her family and community worked. Niki Singh shares how her mother’s journey shaped her own destiny.

About Niki Singh

Niki is a marketing professional who heads a team of digital marketers. She is a dog parent and has a keen interest in low waste living. She loves to travel and explore the city and the country with her dogs.
She also plays a vital role in the Women On Wealth community and supports the mission to create 50 lakh women wealth creators

Her Mother’s Vision For Herself

“Niki’s mother saw that women could be homemakers and as teachers as well. She wanted to study science but studied arts because the girl’s college in her town didn’t offer science. After she married and moved to the hilly town of Kalimpong, West Bengal, she became a teacher for a short while.

“More opportunities started showing up – she started in a clerical position at BSNL but that left her unsatisfied. Her choices were – wait for years to become a head clerk, or take a shot at clearing the All India Accounts and Finance Exam for Telecommunications by clearing 12 papers. The challenges were that she had a full time job, three growing kids – and that she didn’t have a background in accounts. “

Overcoming Challenges

“So, with some help from my dad, she began to learn accounts and finance. I would see her get back from the office, do the household chores and then study till 3-4 am every single day. She finally sat for the exam and, of course, passed with good grades. She cleared all 12 papers!

“She was and is still hungry to learn. Every time there was a training session at her office she would top the class. She traveled often for meetings and trainings and we learnt early on that her job was as important as dad’s. We learned early to respect each other’s profession.

“She did her job diligently and rose through the ranks, retiring just a few years ago.

“You can strike a conversation with her on any topic, be it crude oil prices, Brexit or world politics.”

Her Contribution To Niki’s Growth

“She has had a strong influence on who I am, today, instilling the values of discipline, hard work and patience.

“From her I have learned to make the best of the limited resources and to turn every adversity into opportunity.

“My sister and I have had the opportunities that we had because she decided one day not be content with what life presented to her and go out and get what she wanted.

“I chose the subjects I wanted to study, did the jobs I wanted to and married the man I wanted to.

“I cannot emphasize the importance of having mothers as role models enough. It transforms lives.”

Invitation – Share about a woman who has influenced your life!

This International Women’s Month, we’re acknowledging women who didn’t have the opportunities that we do, today – yet they miraculously provided so much to our growth!
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