How I Recovered From Rs.30 In My Pocket To Creating Wealth and Wealth Programs

Priyanka Bhatia: Women On Wealth

“I used to be a business journalist by profession, I had a good income but wealth creation never entered my mind!" Says Priyanka Bhatia, Co Founder and Lead Consultant at Women On Wealth.

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I Earned Well - But What Did I Do With The Money!

Priyanka continues: "I was spending it all on bags, shoes, clothes and spas. My goals were to earn from my investments, build my own property, and build a corpus for my business. Like me, most of my female colleagues were spending in a similar manner, while my male colleagues who were earning the same amount of money were investing and making money from their investments. It hit me, “What am I doing?” My male colleagues suggested to invest in stocks and recommended a broker. I opened a Demat account and put in Rs. One Lakh and bought the stocks that the broker suggested.

Crash & Learnings

In 2008, the market crashed and I lost 90% out of that One Lakh. I was sad and I didn't know what to do. I took a break from work and thought, “Now what?” As a business reporter, I had the privilege of meeting people who had created a lot of wealth: industrialists, venture capitalists and other professionals. I realized that they were investing independently. They were not dependent on someone else to tell them where to invest. So, I got a mentor and she started teaching me how to invest in the stock market without depending on anyone else. I started investing in the stock market and making money. I bought my own property and had a corpus to start a business. Gradually, I developed healthy money habits."

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Priyanka tells her story at a Women On Wealth Open Day