“I So Wished We Could Talk About Money Without Fighting”

“Why couldn’t my husband and I have a conversation about money without fear and stress? And, was it normal?” asks Rashmi Srivastava, an IT professional and WOW Money Gym graduate.

My Wish Came True Series Rashmi Srivastava Builds her relationship with her husband

I so wished we could talk without fighting!

When I was in the program, I discovered a few things:
– I needed financial goals. My spending was unplanned and ad hoc.
– I had no idea how much my husband and I earned and spent irrespective of how much we could really afford.

My husband would ask basic questions about what we were earning and spending and since I didn’t know the answers, I would get defensive and fight. The result? Even though we were earning handsomely, it was poorly spent and never enough.

Today, I have goals for my family, for example, a health retreat for my parents, and schooling for my precious 3 year old. I plan and spend accordingly. This has taken the burden off my husband’s shoulders.

Best of all, my husband and I are no longer fearful about talking about money or our future – we’ve built a loving partnership!”